Platform Bird Feeder

While sixteen feet from trees and bushes are ideal for protecting the birds, shy species such as buntings and wrens find it difficult venturing out in the open. These birds do well at feeders much closer to bushes, but one must ensure that cats are not a problem. Once the birds find your feeder, you can upgrade to a larger feeder or add another to avoid birds fighting over a single feeder. Depending on the habitat around your yard, birds can take from a few days to months to find your feeder.

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  • The beauty of crafts sticks is that they’re easy to glue together and can be used to build a bird feeder of any size.
  • It is always a delight to have that personal touch when beautifying your garden.
  • A normal whitetail deer can only stand 6 to 8 feet so approximating the pole’s distance from the ground will surely let you keep both the seeds and the birds.
  • A higher number of bird species visit feeders around wooded areas with a greater bird diversity.

Placing a feeding tray in your yard allows you to offer different types of seed than in traditional tube or hopper feeders, and invites a large variety of birds to dine there. The micromesh tray on this item holds 0.3 quarts of seed, peanuts in the shell, fruit, or suet cakes, for a bevy of feeding options. The mesh design allows water to escape, for dry and fresh feed.

Nevertheless, for a 2-in 1-bird feeder and birdhouse at a reasonable price, it’s not that heavy of a problem, especially when you can enjoy nature’s best with your family. Do you want to see a mix of a traditional and modern birdhouse? It comes in crystal clear design so you can have an up close and personal encounter with the birds while inside the comfort of your own home. Birders who have tried this product say it is great to put this up during the start of the spring and watch the hummers get their nectar fill. Its 8 oz capacity is enough to make those hummers very happy.

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One annoying thing about squirrels is their talent of leaving so much mess. Keeping them at bay ensures that you get to protect your feeder from possible squirrel party. The grey squirrels trying to steal the seeds will not terrorize them. Of course, the squirrel baffle is the birders best friend. While there are many feeders that sort have answered the need to fight squirrels, nothing beats the good old baffle.

Birds That Feed On The Ground

You’ll need gloves, cleaning solution or chlorine bleach, water and a clean toothbrush. The curved sides on the uprights open up access to the interior for the birds, and adds a bit of sculptural interest to the bird feeder. I used the lid of a large jar to mock up the curves, moving it around on the upright until I was happy with the look and then traced around the edge.

Directions For Making The Cuts For The Bird Feeder Pieces

With price positioned in the mid-range, this upgraded window bird feeder is a must. It is not only pretty to look at but it is durable and functional. The removable sliding tray makes it easy to refill, even indoors. What I really think is great with this product is the fact that it is safe for all birds.

Hopper & Tray Bird Feeders

Move ahead to paint your wooden birdhouse and tray, glue brackets to the tray, and hang up at the preferred location. When using container, choose a capacity greater than what you need to prevent overfilling and spills. Ensure the mouth of the bottle is just half an inch above the base. Fill the finished can with birdseed and hang it at a height.

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Window feeders give you the best view of the feathered friends inhabiting your yard, not to mention a buffet for the birds. Some even come equipped with mirror-film for a one-way view that doesn’t scare away the birds. To attract birds such as bluebirds, orioles, or robins that don’t eat nuts, utilize meal worms instead. Be sure to clean this feeder regularly, checking the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if it needs to be hand-washed or if it’s dishwasher safe. To stock up on your worms , visit your local pet shop, fishing shop, or specialty store.

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We all wonder what to do with empty plastic soda bottles. Now we can control the number of plastic bottles we throw out, by using them to create a haven for little birds. Pretty birds with feathers of brilliant colors are always a sight to behold. You can make friends with these unrestrained children of nature. And the best way to extend a hand of friendship, is by food.