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Evotion Wearables makes 3D printed, custom chastity cages for men. We make high quality, innovative, one-of-a-kind, 3D printed chastity devices in steel and plastic for lifestyle wearers. 3D printed titanium piercing jewelry, excellent customer service, cutting edge techniques, and hand finishing make our products the best chastity cages in the world. With over two decades of interest or active participation in male chastity, I have seen chastity devices evolve and improve. Since that initial purchase, I have tried dozens of devices. These have included the plastic cages as well as metal.

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  • Many people into BDSM give priority to this toy that promises pleasure and desire at very high levels.
  • I fully understand that for the man long term wear has to be comfortable.
  • A good key should be made of a solid material that ensures it works at all times.
  • Use water-based lube – anything else is too difficult to clean.
  • That third party can be a masculine alpha male who will not only fuck the sissy’s brains out but also show them how generally inadequate they are as anything other than a sissy.

This can lead to scratching or even pinching for the wearer. Most of this is noticeable on the rings of this device, and can be remedied with some light grain sandpaper. The CB600 has undeniably helped to popularise male chastity.

Wolfie’s Edging And Chastity Volume One, Hour Three

This makes peeing much easier and neater as well as providing maximum erection adult toys prevention. The most popular male chastity device is the CB6000 . Each comes with a selection of base rings as well as spacers to vary the gap between the base ring and the cage. Many men experience significant pain from the base ring. This is generally caused by using too small a ring.

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In this case, the reader told me he was aware of that potential issue and sanded down the base ring until it was smooth. So, we can eliminate that as the cause of the chafing and discomfort that forces him to take the device off after 3-5 days of wear. Still, the need to sand down a 3D-printed base ring is something some guys may not know about it, so that’s why I covered it here.

The Cockcuff Chastity Device

Now, onto something that is a bit more beginner friendly. This is a clear rubber cage that is soft and flexible but still too firm to let any erections happen inside. The stretchiness makes it easy to get on, as you can lube it up and stretch it out over the cock and balls. This is no beginners cock cage, but if you are looking for something serious that can be use for short or long term wear, then this might be perfect. Open metal is great for teasing play and more hygienic for long periods of time as you can still clean the penis.

Smoking In Chastity With Balls

You can use these devices to lock up your most priced anatomical asset for as long as you wish or hand over the keys to your dominant partner to handle you the way they please. As the world’s most popular male chastity device, the CB6000 is a clear plastic cock cage that comes with everything you need to imprison whatever penis you deem fit. Choose from a selection of base rings to fit snugly around the base of your cock and balls.

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In the end, the sissy chastity shrink fantasy seems to be just that – a fantasy. Another long-standing myth is that your penis or balls will become smaller because of the constant constriction coming from the cage. Since penises typically get hard overnight, the assumption is that you’ll be in agony every time you sleep with a cage on. That said, you’ll probably notice somewhat weaker hardons right after removing the cage after wearing it for a long time . The first thing you should know here is that, if done correctly, long-term chastity is perfectly safe. As long as you’re clean and you remove the thing routinely, you’ll be fine.